• Guest Blog - Pillow Spray for Sleep?

    Guest Blog - Pillow Spray for Sleep?

    Pillow Spray for Sleep? 10 Benefits You Didn't Know About This Sleep Blend You already have a nice bed, soft music, and a soft glow to put you to sleep. However, you are still having difficulty falling asleep. What is worse is that you feel terrible when you wake up. Sounds familiar?  If you are like many people having difficulty falling asleep and getting...
  • How to Sleep Better for National Bed Month

    How to Sleep Better for National Bed Month

    Throughout March it’s National Bed Month, an annual awareness campaign set up by the Sleep Council to raise awareness of how important a good, comfortable bed is in helping to achieve a good night’s sleep. Comfort – whether that’s the bed you sleep in, the environmental factors in your room, or how you feel physically and mentally – all play a huge part in...
  • Gifts for Valentine's Day

    Gifts for Valentine's Day

    Give your loved ones the Gift of Sleep this Valentines It’s the same every year, you’re trying to find the best Valentine’s Day gifts, ones that will make your lover swoon. Typically, we go for chocolate and flowers, but why not set your sights on a gift that will really help? With as many as 22million people in the UK suffering from sleepless nights, why not...
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