Wrap yourself in a blanket of relaxing essential oils.  Blended into a rich butter infused with magnesium, this enriched magnesium butter will melt into your skin overnight.   DIRECTIONS:  Massge gently into skin until fully absorbed   SLEEP FACT: Magnesium is naturally...
Sweet Dreams Magnesium Sleep Salts 500g
Enhanced with lavender & chamomile essential oils, let this calming fragrance from the sleep salts fill your bathroom to relieve stress and tension encouraging a restful night's sleep.   DIRECTIONS: Add a few handfuls of salts into a warm runnning bath...
Feather & Down Magnesium Moments
Get a better night’s sleep with our Magnesium Moments set. Including our Magnesium Sleep Salts which induce incredible relaxing benefits leading to a sense of total zen, and Soothing Sleep Butter infused with magnesium that melts into your skin overnight....
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