Wellbeing Product of the Month - August 2020 - Bath Oil to Milk


No matter the time of year, there truly is nothing more relaxing than a long, hot soak in the tub. Whether you want to soothe your aching muscles or wash away the daytime stress, a few drops of a luxurious bath oil can create a spa-like atmosphere that will take your bath time experience up a notch or two. Bringing a whole host of benefits to your skin, body and mind.

Our Feather & Down Bath Oil To Milk offers a multitude of benefits. Firstly, it is infused with our signature blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils which will enable you to feel calm, tranquil and ultimately aid a restful night’s sleep. Our base contains a luxurious blend of sweet almond oil and sea buckthorn berry oil that softens and nourishes the skin.  The top turns your relaxing bath into silky-smooth milk and as a finalist, at the Pure Beauty Global Awards 2020 we know you love it too

To make the most out of your bath time experience, it is all about creating the perfect environment- add the Bath Oil to Milk and let the fragrance fill the room, light a candle, add some relaxing music and switch off the lights. Spend at least 20 minutes in there to enable your mind and body to fully disconnect from the world and indulge in some ‘me time’.

Like the sound of that? You can buy the Bath Oil To Milk online or in-store at Boots for only £12.00!


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