Love yourself to sleep

This simple meditation will not only lull you to sleep but also help you to feel better about yourself.  Often we’re so hard on ourselves, constantly telling ourselves ‘I must do...’ or ‘I should do…’ or  ‘It’s not good enough’.  Being hard on yourself stops you letting go; it stops you feeling at ease and accepting rest and deep sleep. 

Practising loving self-acceptance is an important step towards pure sleep.

Lie down and relax into the feeling of your bed. Enjoy the sensation of being supported, the smell and feel of your bed, sheets and pillows. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Notice the natural rhythm of IN and OUT.

Bring your attention to your feet.

Start to work your attention very slowly up your body saying:

I love my right foot
I love my toes
I love my right instep
I love my right ankle
I love the top of my right foot
I love my left foot
Work your way up your whole body. 

Do this very slowly, very gently, as if you’re speaking to a baby. There’s no rush.  If you fall asleep and then awaken, start all over again from your feet.

Love yourself to deep, restoring sleep.

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