“How to create a good night’s sleep” is one of the most highly searched online sleep terms, according to The National Sleep Council, not getting your 8 hours can not only make you feel tired or fatigued, but it may also lead to general ill health, depression and even take years off your life!

Creating a relaxing bedtime routine and taking a moment for yourself in a calm and quiet atmosphere can ease stress, anxiety and prepare your body for sleep. 

Feather & Down, a brand dedicated to sleep is committed to helping you and your loved ones create the perfect sleep sanctuary.

Your Bedroom

Here are some top tips for making your room a calm and relaxing place to be - the first step in ensuring your mind and body are prepared for sleep.

Make your room a clutter-free zone and clearing the space of all distractions is integral in clearing the mind. Beating yourself up about the fact you haven’t done the ironing or need to put away all your clothes will give you things to worry about when you should be solely focused on relaxation and ridding your mind from your daily worries and concerns.

Make your room dark enough is important for training your mind to be prepared for sleep. Having rays of light streaming through curtains or blinds will force your body into thinking it’s morning and therefore time to wake up. Using a sleep mask is the perfect way of blocking out the early morning sun or ambient light from street lights.

Our Feather & Down ‘Sleeping Bag’, full of our top sleep essentials contains a comfortable, soft eye mask to help block out the light and remind your brain that it is time for a restful night’s sleep.

Make sure your bedroom is a screen-free zone– so you are not interrupted or jolted out of a deep sleep by phones vibrating or email notifications pinging up on tablet screens, illuminating your room.

The fragrance is another sure-fire way to help you relax and unwind. Lavender is proven to be an incredibly calming scent, so utilising our signature lavender and chamomile scent that is across our range will help enhance your pre-sleep routine.

Your Lifestyle

Diet & exercise are key elements to ensure quality sleep. One would assume that eating carbs would help us feel sleepy. Who doesn’t feel lethargic and sleepy after a cheat day pizza or take away? But in reality, it does the opposite, ensure you eat protein-rich foods with a low glycaemic index to optimise your levels of Tryptophan. This is an amino acid integral in the creation of serotonin which is a sleep-promoting chemical. When levels of serotonin are low it can lead to anxiety, depression and a disturbed sleep routine. Consuming foods like nuts, seeds, and pulses as part of a balanced diet, will help to contribute to overall wellness and health - as well as sleep.

Your Relaxation

Making time to unwind is an incredibly important sleep. Spend 10-15 minutes before you sleep creating a self-care routine that will help to slow your heart rate and create a relaxed state of mind. Self-massage is another fantastic way to help you relax. Feather & Down’s massage oil is carefully blended with our lavender and chamomile fragrance enhances the relaxing benefits of massage.

If you suffer from sore and achy joints, or if you are on your feet all day, take a long relaxing bath before bedtime to help alleviate your stresses and discomfort. Use our luxurious Magnesium Bath Salts in your tub to release lavender fragranced steam, transforming your bathroom into a relaxing, floral dreamland.

Why not try our Feather & Down range? Have the perfect night's sleep!

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