This summer is certainly not what we had planned, and it’s safe to say that we are all in need of some TLC right now. That may be because of the sleepless nights due to worry, days cooped up indoors with the children that have left you exhausted or simply boredom from self-isolation. We’re going to share with you our self-care favourites so that you can turn your home into a mini-spa getaway for the night.

Upgrade your bath

All good at-home spa sessions should start with a steamy, hot soak. To upgrade from the every day to the exceptional why not try our beautifully fragranced bath essence. Allow yourself to sink into a bath filled with sweet dreams and let your busy day wash away. The lavender and chamomile essential oils will fill your bathroom with beautiful tranquillity to help prepare you for sleep.

Or try our Sleep Salts, rich in magnesium which is ideal for treating tired muscles and setting you up for a perfect night’s rest.

Head to Toe Moisturisation

Beautifully soft and hydrated skin is essential for the perfect spa session. Why not use our Sleep Butter and wrap yourself in a blanket of relaxing essential oils and allow it to melt into your skin overnight. You will awake well-rested with beautifully soft, nourished skin and a refreshed mind.

Or try our Soothing Body Oil to help you feel calm and tranquil as you drift off for the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Stay undisturbed and have the perfect night’s rest

Finally, complete your spa session with the last step of the ultimate wind down ritual. Switch off all devices and face away from the glow of your digital alarm. Help ease your mind by using our Sleep Balm and place the blend of moisturising Vitamin E and relaxing essential oils on your pulse points. Lastly, spray our Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray generously onto your pillow and allow the calming fragrance of lavender & chamomile essential oils send you into a peaceful sleep.

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