Pillow Spray for Sleep? 10 Benefits You Didn't Know About This Sleep Blend

Pillow spray, sleep spray, guest blog, lavender sleepYou already have a nice bed, soft music, and a soft glow to put you to sleep. However, you are still having difficulty falling asleep. What is worse is that you feel terrible when you wake up. Sounds familiar? 

If you are like many people having difficulty falling asleep and getting a refreshing slumber, maybe it is time you try a pillow spray for sleep. More than delivering you to slumber-wonderland, this unique sleep blend is worth making an integral part of your sleep routine. Here are ten benefits you should know about the Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray sleep blend

1. Helps You Sleep Faster and Sounder

About a quarter of all adults want to have good quality sleep. The Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray features two of the most popular essential oils for promoting sleep – lavender and chamomile. Studies show that these essential oils can help people fall asleep faster and ensure a sounder sleep. 

Feather & Down’s survey revealed about 83% of users reported falling asleep quickly. Its sleep-inducing effects have everything to do with chamomile and lavender’s calming properties. Both essential oils affect a few neurotransmitters in the brain to help reduce brain activity. 

2. Improves Overall Sleep Quality

Did you know that about a third of the world’s adult population suffers from insomnia? The figures could be worse because many factors can affect sleep quality that lead to insomnia and other sleep disorders.

The Sweet Dreams’ unique blend of chamomile and lavender lets you improve sleep quality. The company’s survey showed that 84 percent of users were able to get a more restful night’s sleep. 

You get to complete more deep-sleep cycles, where most of the body’s regenerative and restorative activities occur. Waking up to a brighter and more wonderful morning should be easy.

3. Calms and Relaxes Your Mind

The calming and relaxing properties of lavender is popular the world over. No one knows exactly how lavender reacts with the different neurotransmitters in the brain. All we know is that there is an increased activity of inhibitory neurotransmitters.

Feather & Down’s survey of 103 people showed that 91% of them felt calmer and more tranquil. 

You can experience it, too. Having this sleep blend on your pillow should help you calm your mind. You can focus on beautiful and meaningful things. That should allow you to sleep a lot faster and better, too.

pillow spray, sleep spray, lavender pillow spray4. Provides a Great Relief for Anxiety

If you are anxious, there is no way you can get a good night’s sleep. Anxiety is just one of the many manifestations of stress. You have cortisol and other stress hormones producing several effects, including tensed muscles, increased breathing, and elevated blood pressure. 

Both lavender and chamomile essential oils can help relieve your anxiety symptoms. You will not feel the thundering pounding of your heart on your chest. Your muscles relax, too. You can have better sleep when you are not anxious.

5. A Potent Stress-buster

Most people interchange stress with anxiety. You should know that anxiety is more about having excessive and persistent worrying about something, even without a stressor. On the other hand, stress is everywhere. It can manifest in different ways, including sleeplessness and difficulty sleeping.

There is a study about the effects of lavender on the stress levels of MRI patients. If these people find relief after inhaling lavender, it is easy to imagine how beneficial it would be to have this essential oil on your pillow.

6. It Can Relieve Minor Headaches

There are several substances in the sleep blend that have mild analgesic properties. For example, lavender, chamomile, linalool, and limonene have all been shown to reduce pain intensity.

Do take note that this sleep blend does not work with migraines and other more severe forms of headache. Sleeping with the Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray spritzed on your pillow should help relieve the minor headache that is causing you to lose sleep.

7. May Help Guard against Certain Cancers

While this sleep blend does not treat cancer, it may offer some form of protection. It contains linalool and limonene that have anti-cancer properties. There is also a study that showed chamomile to be effective in retarding the growth of tumors. Coumarin also has anti-tumor properties.

You will sleep better knowing you have a lower risk of developing cancer.

8. Improves Your Mood

It is never easy to fall asleep when you are in the dumps or feeling blue. You think about a lot of things, even to the point of doing the unthinkable. A study revealed that a third of adults who do not get to sleep well tend to get depressed more than those who have no problems sleeping.

Spritzing this sleep blend on your pillow should help boost your mood. While the effects are not immediate, continued use will result in happier and more enjoyable days upon waking up.

9. Offers Modest Protection against Inflammation

We already mentioned the analgesic properties of several of this sleep blend’s active ingredients. What we did not tell you is that it can also help reduce the symptoms of inflammation, including swelling.

Imagine sleeping on your bed and you had an asthma attack. That would be very disturbing. Asthma is one of those diseases characterized by inflammation.

Now try imagining lying on your bed with the Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray-spritzed pillow. You will be able to inhale the anti-inflammatory substances of the blend, preventing the swelling of your airways. Would that not be a nicer way to sleep?

10. Aids Your Body in Fighting Free Radicals

True, this sleep blend pales in comparison to an antioxidant pill you can pop into your mouth anytime. However, we are talking about sleep here. You are resting on your bed, having your heyday in dreamland. 

Every time you inhale, you are also introducing linalool, limonene, chamomile, and lavender molecules into your lungs. When these substances enter your bloodstream, they can start fighting those free radicals.

The Feather & Down Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray not only works to help you sleep better. It also has other benefits, including anxiety alleviation, stress relief, mild analgesia, and inflammation protection. You also get to enjoy its antioxidant and mood-enhancing properties. Because it comes in a convenient spray bottle, you will never have to fret about getting the correct amounts of essential oils to help you in your sleep ever again. 

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